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 With Alyssa Sequoia.

With Alyssa Sequoia.

James Sklar, CEO

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, James attended Syracuse University, studying Marketing, Finance and Russian.

James has fifteen years experience in the music field, from executive producer on down.

“My approach to marketing is completely unique. I can see trends before they happen. I start where others simply give up. The goal is creating positive long-lasting relationships with my clients, helping them to achieve success.”

я говорю на русском.


Executive Producer: “Flow with Me” (EP – Alyssa Sequoia)

Executive Producer: “Within” (Album – Alyssa Sequoia)

Executive Producer: Queen Anne's Lace (Album - Alyssa Sequoia)

Executive Producer What Color Iz My Skin (Single - Alyssa Sequoia)



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Alyssa Sequoia

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